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The Small Business Owner’s Digital Toolbox

Published April 1, 2020

Resources are everywhere, but how do you know what to choose and what’s best for your small business? That’s where this list comes in. See below for a list of favorite tools and resources that our clients use and love (and so do we)!

Task Management

Asana – Free for very small teams. Upgrade for awesome features!
Jira – For more tech-savvy or tech-focused teams (think development) that need ticket management.
Wrike – Best for teams that are a bit larger due to the cost, but really great features if you’re used to the ancient Microsoft Project platform. Think of this as that on steroids!

Social Media Planning and Scheduling

SproutSocial – Hands down our #1 pick! Yes, it’s $99 for basic after the free 30-day trial, but if you post to more than one platform a day and really want to monitor your social media presence, this takes the top spot. Plus, you can even schedule posts to Instagram without having to actually use your phone!

Buffer – Great for small businesses who are small now, but not for long. Comes in at #2 in our book for affordability!

Hootsuite – Comes in at #3 in our book only because there is a free version for small businesses. However, if you want reports and analytics, it’s going to cost you.

Paid Advertising Tools

WordStream – The go-to for benchmarking to see how you’re stacking up against the competition. Plus, they also have a service for helping to manage ad campaigns.

All about Google Ads for 2020 from Hubspot

Website Platforms

WordPress – What was once old and easy to hack has made a turn for the best. WordPress isn’t just for bloggers anymore, and with our favorite theme, the Divi Builder, from Elegant themes, your site can be responsive, secure, and super engaging.

Squarespace – When you want a site; quick! Squarespace is a great choice for our clients who want a simple site that they can update on their own once it’s built.

Drupal – When custom development is a “thing” for your business, we go to Drupal. Did you know most US Government websites are built on the Drupal platform because they are so secure?

CRM Platforms

Salesforce – Turn cold leads piping hot with this all-in-one and fully customizable, fully upgradeable platform that will grow with your prospect list and your bottom line.

Zoho CRM – Need a completely free solution? We love Zoho! The downfall is that there may be a bit to learn if you are unfamiliar with CRMs.

Hubspot – All in one and the CRM part is free. Need it all? Want it all? Invest in the training to take advantage of everything Hubspot has to offer.

Is there a tool that you’ve discovered and want to share with our readers? Leave your comments below and share how and why your business values the tool.

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