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Digital Marketing for Small Business

Helping small businesses develop unique digital marketing strategies that are a recipe for growth and success – freshly pressed just for your business.

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Digital Marketing for Small Business

Helping small businesses develop unique digital marketing strategies that are a recipe for growth and success – freshly pressed just for your business.

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Fostering Digital Marketing Success for Small & Startup Businesses Since 2011.

The team at Freshly Pressed has helped many small and boutique business owners step into the digital realm. Since 2011, we’ve helped real estate agents, recruiters, construction companies, restaurants, professionals, eCommerce merchants, and many others develop marketing strategies unique to their needs and opportunities. Each small business is unique – that’s why no two recipes for digital marketing success are the same.


Don’t know where to start? That’s where we come in. We’ll help you develop a digital roadmap that will help you “get out there” in the most cost-effective way for your business’s unique needs.


Data is everywhere in the digital realm. As we get started, we’ll review all of the data available to us to best understand your target audience and to create unique, digital programs that help to grow your business’s presence online.


The digital landscape is unique and always changing. That’s why our team develops programs and campaigns that are flexible, scalable, and relevant to both your business and the campaign platforms.

Ready to take your LinkedIn Strategy to the Next Level?

Through years of planning, sharing, and engaging with content on LinkedIn, we’ve seen the platform transition from a “job board” to the social media platform of choice for professionals.  That said, more and more non-traditional members are joining the LinkedIn ranks.

What does this mean for you? Thanks to LinkedIn’s superior targeting and super stealthy algorithm, advertising on LinkedIn is a gold mine for your marketing efforts.

Find out how you can mine this gold mine and turn leads into sales with a proven 90-day LinkedIn campaign strategy that works.

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90 Day LinkedIn Campaign Template

Website Development, Website Re-Design, Branding, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Pitch Deck & Presentation Design and Digitization, Email Marketing & Automation, YouTube Ads…and the List Goes On!

Chances are you have heard these words flying around, or you’ve been approached and asked about one of them specifically. We’re here to help simplify the process, create an easy-to-understand path forward, as well as to help you execute at the level of comfort necessary for your team or your staff. We’ll deliver strategy (and even execution) freshly pressed to your liking and ready to roll.


We Make Your Small Business a Big Deal.

 You know your business better than anyone else. That’s why we’re here to help translate that knowledge into the digital realm so that we can help others discover your small business online. Whether it’s through a combination of select strategies and tactics, or through a holistic solution that uses almost all digital outlets available, the solution we choose will have your small business’s needs and opportunities at the core.

Digital Marketing Consulting for the Medical Device Industry

The COVID world is one of uncertainty for many medical device sales teams and companies across the country. Freshly Pressed is proud to announce a partnership with the orthopedic industry’s insider, Tiger Buford, to launch Tiger Ortho Consulting (TOC). Tiger Ortho Consulting provides digital marketing and advisory services to startups and small companies in the medical device industry.

Native Advertising: 5 Quick Facts

Native Advertising: 5 Quick Facts

By now, everyone is aware of what a display ad is. Chances are, you see them all the time and you may or may not click.  Problem is, ad blockers are becoming more and more common. So, how do you keep your product or service out there and relevant reaching those in the...

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Contact us to learn more about how we can help you grow your online presence. We’ll discuss how we can create a custom approach addressing budget, current solutions in place, and comfort level with execution. 

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Our Clients

As small business owners ourselves, we know what it takes to run a small business successfully: smart, budget-concious decisions. We tailor our services to your needs not only in the present state, but in future state, as well. Not every business is the same, so our goal is to create a unique, digital experience for your audience and customers that is as hard-working as you are.

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Services and Packages

Freshly Pressed is nimble – just like your business. One recipe for success for one client may not be right for another client. Therefore, we offer unique service package creation and pricing that’s just right for your business right now. Any of our services may also be combined and elevated as your business grows. A la carte and package options we offer:

  • Paid social media campaign strategy, content creation, execution, and reporting
  • Customized email campaign management
  • Content calendar strategy sessions including an annual content template tool for planning and visibility
  • Website re-design, content management, and new builds
  • Consulting and brainstorming (for those that are ready to take the wheel, but just need a little direction)
  • … And any mix of the above!

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