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Social Media for Your Small Business

Published April 9, 2020

Social Media for {Your} Small Business

With so many facets to small business ownership, adding “manage business social media” to your already long list of essential business duties might seem overwhelming.

In today’s day in age, and now more than ever, social media is critical for your small business. However, as daunting as it may seem, it doesn’t have to be a burden.

I recently traveled to Salida, Colorado (a lovely town in the mountains of Colorado about 3 hours Southwest of Denver) to speak with the Salida Chamber of Commerce, Chamber members, and small business owners from around the area – from hemp farmers to salon owners, flooring companies to florists – you name it and that small business was represented in the 60+ attendees.

What’s more is that during the presentation, I shared some insight into setting up small businesses for success so that social media became less of a chore and more of an easy-to-manage, profitable marketing tool.

I’ve never shared these slides before, but as we all need to come together to support small business, I thought to myself, “What can I do to help small business owners who are non-operational at the moment, yet ready and willing to be prepared to re-open when they can?” 

So, in an effort to assist small businesses from all verticals and all geographies, I’ve released these slides in hopes that they provide insight, tools and action items that can help small business owners work on their brand, ramp up on social, and get as many eyeballs on their product or service during a period where screentime is literally necessary to function for so many Americans. As business owners, the number one thing we can do right now is to capitalize on the forced wave to the digital realm. After all, preparation is the key to success!

“Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.” Bobby Unser

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